Artist-Tech’s philosophy of "Pursuit of Excellence, Priority of Customer-centric" provides assurance for excellent quality. Artist-Tech serves a wide range of customers of technology related industries, meets their needs for parts and supplies required for production; our main business focuses on industrial quartz, precision ceramic product development and design; quartz, precision ceramic raw materials processing, production, and subsequent product maintenance, technical support and customer service. We provide production, manufacturing or equipment used in semiconductor, optoelectronic, optic, electronic, communication industries as well as academic research institutions.
Quartz products design and processing for semiconductor industry
Quartz products, design and processing for optoelectronic industry
Quartz products design and processing for solar energy industry
Customized quartz design and production to improve yield and life time
Ceramic products design and processing
Molybdenum metal products design and processing
Full-range satisfactory services of Customer Total Solution

Our professional quartz design and processing team is capable of helping customers in the aspects of research and development, design and enhancement
Momentive GE 124 / 214 material uses high-quality quartz products
Technical support, Product maintenance, Customer service
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